The sun and showers will persist Friday before the rainy weekend


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Britons can expect another day of sunshine and showers after a relatively dry Thursday, but a rainy weekend is ahead, forecasters say.

The Met Office warned on Friday of scattered and at times heavy showers, which will persist in northeast Scotland into the morning and could bring gusty winds.

Some areas could also be hit by thunder, he said, but additional temperatures are expected to be near average for the time of year.

Meanwhile, Northern Ireland is likely to face dense clouds and heavy rain and winds.

To welcome in July, a choppy weekend is in store with more showers threatening to dampen summer plans.

Alex Deakin, meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “The weather remains quite mixed this weekend. We will all see some blue skies, but most of us will also see some precipitation.

“A moving low pressure area will bring a band of rain across the country on Saturday, not reaching East Anglia and the south east until later in the day.

Forecasters remain uncertain about the rain’s exact timings and locations, but Mr Deakin said it is expected to work its way over the Midlands and north-east, before clearing out of the south-west.

While Wales and north-west England are likely to experience drier weather on Saturday, Scotland and Northern Ireland can expect “a lot more showers”, he said. declared.

While most of the country is in line for below-average temperatures – which Mr Deakin said would hit high teenagers “at best” – East Anglia and the south-east could see temperatures in the 20Cs Saturday and Sunday.

In full British summer fashion, Sunday will bring sunshine and showers, with rain expected in Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England, and the eastern half of the country in the afternoon.

There should be some respite though, with the South West of England and Wales remaining mostly dry.

Mr Deakin said: ‘There will be a bit of a breeze so the showers will tend to move. But this breeze coming from the northwest will not bring high temperatures. We are only looking, again, at mid to high teens for a lot,”

Met Office Outlook Friday to Monday


A day of sunshine and showers, although some more persistent rain in North East Scotland in the morning. More cloudy with some heavy rain and gusty winds for Northern Ireland later.

Outlook from Saturday to Monday:

An unstable weekend often cloudy with sometimes heavy showers. The best of all good weather in the south. Humid in Northern Ireland and Scotland on Monday, brighter for England and Wales.


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