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Yellowstone returns to The Paramount Network in November as season five continues to follow Kayce Dutton (played by Luke Grimes) and his wife Monica (Kelsey Asbille). Dutton’s son warned Monica about some disturbing visions he was having that could be linked to their relationship. has everything you need to know about the birthplace of teacher and activist Monica.

Where was Monica of Yellowstone born?

Monica Dutton was introduced in the first season of Yellowstone as Kayce’s wife and the mother of his child, Tate (Brecken Merrill).

She was offered a job at a prestigious university, where she taught students about the history of her people.

Monica’s ancestors had ended up on the Broken Rock Indian Reservation and she was born and raised on a ranch there.

His grandfather Felix Long (Rudy Ramos) is one of the former Indians on the reservation.

By marrying Kayce, she brought the two opposing sides together but often finds herself stuck in the middle.

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As a professor of American history, she told students her version of the arrival of Christopher Columbus on the American continent.

She used her work to highlight how her people have been treated and rejected over the years.

In the series, the Broken Rock Indian Reservation is near Bozeman and is governed by the Broken Rock Confederate Tribes.

As for actress Kelsey, the 30-something said her father was Chinese and her mother was from Columbia, South Carolina.

She learned Mandarin Chinese so she could continue playing traditional Chinese characters.

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“And so I think, you know, look, I think they have to take it day by day. But they are engaged.

The star didn’t reveal too much if there was a baby on the season five set.

However, she said she was looking forward to having a baby bump in the new season.

Fans of the show have mixed opinions of Monica, with many disliking the character.

Kelsey admitted that Monica went through a lot in the first four seasons.

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She said season five was like a breath of fresh air, so hopefully viewers will see a new side to her.

Kelsey is known for her other roles on Pair of Kings, One Tree Hill, and Teen Wolf.

In 2012, she started dating British actor William Moseley.

She has a younger brother, Forrest, and a younger sister, Kiersten.

Yellowstone returns to The Paramount Network with Season 5 on November 13.


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