Favorable weather conditions to revive the citrus season in Egypt


Egypt had a “very successful” citrus flowering period, thanks to the climatic conditions. Mr. Ahmed Serhan, CEO of Frutella, said, “During the citrus blossom season, we had no temperature fluctuations between day and night. We had less humidity and no fogging. at favorable weather conditions, we will have a greater quantity and better quality of products.” Mr. Ahmed Serhan, forecasts an increase in Egyptian production of 20%, reaching 3.9 million tons in 2023.

As for the markets, the Egyptian producer stresses the need to diversify the export destinations for Egyptian citrus fruits. Egypt’s traditional markets in Europe and China are not doing well. Mr. Sarhan said: “In Europe, the situation in Eastern Europe has cast its shadow over the rest of the continent, causing a liquidity crunch and falling demand. In China, recurring curfews and lockdowns are causing serious logistical disruptions. East is also not a good option due to business processes, namely consignment.”

The producer is therefore considering other distant markets, in the Far East such as Singapore and Malaysia, in South Asia such as India and Bangladesh, as well as in Canada and Brazil.

Mr. Ahmed Sarhan downplayed the impact of conditions that are struggling for producers elsewhere. The water supply crisis is not yet a lived reality in Egypt, but could be by 2050. The devaluation of the Egyptian pound has helped to offset rising energy costs and maintain , albeit perhaps temporarily, Egyptian citrus prices.

Mr. Ahmed Sarhan will be present at Fruit Logistica in February in Berlin.

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