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Just read a fascinating and chilling article on CNN.com (link below) regarding the upcoming UK/Europe weather/heat wave.

Two years ago, climatologists/weather scientists decided to project what the weather and weather forecasts would look like in 2050. In a chilling report, their predictions are now coming true.

At present. Today.

Note: Graphic/image is from CNN article (link below).


I am also including a BBC article on the first “Red Extreme Heat Warning” (link below).


I know there are people who still don’t believe climate change is real, but I really don’t understand how or why; Anyone who follows the news globally MUST notice that things are changing, whether it’s the wildfires/drought in the western United States, the fires/floods in Australia, that “red heat warning” in UK, etc., etc., etc.

Closer to home, as a long-term visitor and/or resident in Thailand, I have noticed changing weather patterns in the Kingdom over the years; someone else?

Climate change is real and happening now.

Finally I add, especially for our Kiwi members, a mock (repeat: NOT TRUE) projected weather forecast filmed 2 years ago about a theoretical weather forecast from 2050. It’s funny in a terrifying way.

When I read stuff like that, I’m happier to be in the later part of my life rather than the earlier stages. A child born today is going to face a FAR worse climate and life than me, and in the name of all seniors…

‘Ssorry about that ‘


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