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Our sourcing and manufacturing company provides these services:

sourcing for the best manufacturers:

We have sourced for finished good such as textiles and clothing. (bag manufacturers)  electronics and domestic appliances (like USB sticks, kids alarms, cooking plates, LCD screens etc) sports gods (we are specialized in basketball goods), construction and automotive parts

Manufacturing Services for parts manufacturing in china:

For our part manufacturing we have a pool of 15 excellent suppliers:

these are: injection moulders, cnc milling manufacturers, aluminum extrusion manufactures, metal sheet suppliers, steel construction and welding, pcb and assembly manufacturer, prototyping facility and packaging manufacturer.

import and export services:

Once a product sourced and controlled we help to bring it to you in any country in the world: we have two top notch partners in logistics and express.

Assembly services

Is your product patented? With our special c3-patented protective assembly strategy we provide "easy" copying of your new innovation!

rapid prototyping:

SLA, SLS, CNC milling, silicone moulding

product development service

CAD and engineering services




Contact: info@ChinaCComp.com


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